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Saturday, October 20

PREORDER The Long Weekend - graphic novel

The Long Weekend - graphic novel by Joshua Santospirito on Pozible

I've been slaving away on this comic for a few years now ... it's an adaptation of a psychological essay written about a Jungian concept called the Cultural Complex. The comic is about different cultures in Central Australia, it's about all of Australia ... it's about all cultures ... it's about the cultural mind of the group. It's both sad and funny, horrifying and witty ... and it's almost ready to be turned into a BOOK !!
I'm really hoping it'll be a beautiful book and it'd be great to have your help to be able to do that !! 
You can read the bits of the comic on the website (, where I have been slowly putting it up page by page as they're completed. The final book will have extra pages and notes and book design by Nadine Kessler ( The final copy of the book will also have a brand new piece of writing by Craig to go with the comic. I reckon he's a smashing writer and a unique voice in Australian writing! 
We have enough money to do the graphic design, the tricky part is paying for the printing of the copies, we're hoping to print about 500 copies and we need about $1500 more to get it done! 

A brief history of the comic's existence so far (written in the third person)
* 2006 - Josh Santospirito reads Craig's essay: The Long Weekend in Alice Springs whilst working in Indigenous communities in Central Australia as a mental health nurse.  * Josh likes what he reads. 
* 2008 - He starts drawing parts of the Long Weekend in comic form ... he decides that this is a very cathartic exercise to help digest the seeming chaos around him. 
* 2009 - He shows Craig San Roque. * Craig likes what he reads. 

* 2010 - Josh begins pencilling over 100 pages of a more complete adaptation of the comic

* 2011 - He commences inking of those pages and showing people on his website. * People like what they read. 

* 2012 - He will COMPLETE the comic by November 2012, have the book designed by Nadine. 
... he will ask for help to print around 500 copies !!! * So that even more people will like what they read. 

2013 - January / February printing. March -send y'all copies. *and y'all like what y'all read. 

SO that's it - I want you ALL to be a part of this project, making this comic into a printed version (as well as a proper-like E-book). If you don't have a credit card or hate punching your numbers into the interwebs but you still want to support the project - get in touch and we can try to work something out. Anyone who hasn't got the dosh CAN STILL HELP by linking to this on your social media of choice!
Thanks a bunch guys!!

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