Monday, February 28

Using the work scanner is naughty

from Josh's blog - The Colossal Adjective

After my last blog about sticking things up on the web I took my sketchbook to work and had a look at the big thing they got there - it's an amazing thing called a photocopier/scanner/fax machine. It even has a function that staples large amounts of paperwork for you if you'd like.

This is a rough little comic I thought I'd make starring Juliette, my oldest niece who is a book-worm ... and RIGHTLY SO!! (Only because I was a bookworm at the same age).

I might make a second page for this sometime.

This other page ( lower down here ) was something I did on the same day ... after reading a favourite ol' book of mine that I'd like to do as a comic one day if someone else doesn't beat me to it ... actually that would be a blessing if someone else were to do it ... then I could get back to projects that I should really be doing - such as Australian comics. But this was just a sketch from my mind about what Gregory Syme looks like. He's the main protagonist in the surreal and wondrous adventure story of "The Man Who Was Thursday" which is a religious but ambiguous swords and chase adventure story set at the turn of the century ... which is BY FAR the best thing GK CHESTERTON wrote ... which is saying a lot since he wrote the whole Father Brown detective story series.

I wonder why no one seems to know Chesterton these days. He was very popular back in the day and for some unknown reason appears to have shrunk back to relative obscurity. But I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who enjoys philosophical farce and adventure.

When I say its got a religious core I certainly don't think that should scare off any of my secular friends ... Chesterton himself was a religious bloke but what he wrote is still amazingly beautiful and frankly SURREAL towards the end. It mostly weaves around London, which is of course a great setting for an old fashioned chase sequence.

I love a good chase sequence ... especially at night between two individuals.

Friday, February 25


I’m am labouring on my comic a lot lately. Have done about 47 pages of rough pencillings ... some of which are better than rough ... so YAY! I shall try and show it to people who are attending Camp Chugnut in Victoria in a few weeks which ought to be cracking ... since there’s some comic artists there who I reckon are awesome and may have a pointer or three for me - Jase Jarper, Jo Waite, Mandy Ord, Chris Downes, Bernard Caleo ... I met John Retallick the other night at a comic’s launch in Melbourne who chastised me for not being capable of putting up images on my blog ... I thought it had to be done by scanner ... but he scoffed at me that a camera image would suffice ... never occurred to me it would be that easy ... must find a camera now ... anyone own one?

Also spoke to Jen Breach whilst I was in Melbourne and have realised that I need to tighten the ending ... so perhaps it will be ever-so-slightly less than 100 pages. DAMN!!! I liked the idea of saying “Yeah, it’s over one hundred completed pages”

Now I’ll have to change that to - “Yeah it’s about one hundred pages” ... which sounds a touch weaker.

Can’t wait to comic it up in Victoria.

Monday, February 14

Summer - food

Wow - in the garden I have this awesome Zucchini called the yellow Crookneck ... some National Heritage variety that you can eat (when the bureaucrats aren't checking).

And then there's the SWEET Corn ... which is soooo SWEET!!

Kohl Rabi looks kind of ridiculous .. what kind of NON-SWAMP plant has it's roots above the ground? - RIDICULOUS!! But it actually tastes good. Nadine made some up raw with some salt (Deutsch-style) last night with SpƤtzle ... rockin!

Tomatoes coming out of our ears ... and our ears can't actually hold that many tomatoes ....

The Artichoke is flowering ... I had nooooo idea how bloody NEON the artichoke flower was gonna turn out to be. I also hadn't made the connection that the bit that you pull out of the artichoke (that gross stringy stuff that tastes all manky in your mouth) is turns out like an ugly duckling into the most crazy purple colour when it comes time to attract some bees. We found a bumble-bee dead in one of the flowers ... all that sugar! what a way to go.

what else ... ummm, beets by the tonne.

... raspberries ... the boysenberries are having a late run this Summer ...

The new olive tree has a few fruit on it!!

The Feijoa in the driveway does too ... but they come later ... man that tree needs to be controlled! You can almost not drive the car down the driveway anymore.

Nadine planted a grapevine ... we got one bunch of grapes within a few months ... but the bloody birds were checking them out too! What is it with the birds ... they're so greedy that they don't even eat the fruit when it's at it's best. They must have terrible digestion! Which is suppose is why their poop is so sloppy.

I got back into plating lettuces so in a week or so we can have salad on the table ...

OH yeah - the biggest turnips I have ever seen are out the back. Don't know what to do with them - any suggestions people?

Carrots - paris markets and the usual long ones ...

Taters .... kilos and kilos of taters ... it's time to MASH!!

and lots of other things ... I'm tired of typing now. Time to put these fingers back into the DIRT!