Wednesday, August 27

Car parks always undo me ...

I just discovered Nick Huggins ... I haven't actually bought his album as of yet ... but I am homeless and without CD player so he will have to forgive me ... but his myspace page has three wicked songs on it which take me away. There's also a nice film-clip with a really cute little girl on it with big cute eyes - aww.

And here I was thinking that the only interesting thing coming out of Melbourne at the moment was Laura Jean ... HOW BEHIND MUST I BE?? Are there any other gems that I need to know about pronto, please let me know pronto. Though I note that there appears to be some nice interesting people associated with Nick at twobrightlakes, in particular I reccomend that you discover seagull, and Otouto for meloncholic songwrit.

So I was sitting in a carpark at the dreaded Byron Bay Woollies waiting for my brother to come back from somewhere else (wherever that may be that brothers go to) and I was sitting chatting to myself and this girl walks by who looks as though she's been at some humungous festival who looks at me talking to myself ... her expression said "that's a little weird".

Tuesday, August 26

Driving tractors

The child & the tractor was once what I called my brother ... but now he let me drive the tractor ... and it is a muchly a nice way to pass the afternoon, cutting grass to mulch on permacultural pastures in the hills.

Peak oil is possibly a reality - click on the link for your homework assignment - it may happen a hell of a lot sooner than you realise: do you remember how to chop wood for yourself?
burn your cds

I played Audiopollen on Sunday night in Brisbane's West End - they are a lovely bunch of eccentric young people who put on quite a nice show ... just down the road from rocking bars playing funk pop and blues there's a loading dock out the back of a vegan cafe that hosts a group of avant-bards. This would be the place to come if you feel a little nauseous at the thought of coming down to West End to be surrounded by the beautiful people.

PS - buy more CDs now ... or move to a warmer climate.

Sunday, August 17


Things are not allowed in some places of the world.

In St Petersburg, Peter the Great decided that swamps were not allowed, only buildings with canals weer permitted ... so he banned the swamp completely ... and built himself a new Amsterdam, which was later renamed a few times only to come back to Sankt Peterburg again.

I have concerts up and down the coast, I will ride my little bicycle after Nadine down to Sydney, then we'll drive to Melbourne for another concert and then we'll sit and figure a way to move our stuff to Tasmania ... any suggestions anyone?

Monday, August 11

Lehmann Smith

This young gentleman was brought to my attention by Biddy Connor, violin extraordinaire from Melbourne who refused to play support for on some night. She recommended Lehmann Smith as he wanted to have more gigs. I checked his myspace but didn't listen very closely and thought - why not, I need more people to play.

Then i met him on the night, he seemed very young, clean faced, neat young bloke and I thought - well, there's a young, clean-faced etc etc. and then he got on stage with a gaggle of girls sitting at the front of the stage chattering away in between his songs. And I thought, what an odd performer. His lyrics and style of singing made me stop and think. hmm, Unusual. Which is refreshing to say the least.

Then he got progressively more plastered as the night went on.

but - my GOD his music was interesting.

also plays with Kes Band who are currently taking off in Melbourne and Australia ... 

DWT Biography

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)) Drive West today

DWT’s improv-guitar acts as tour-guide in Australia’s vast spaces, sculpting stories in splayed layers of melodies. He has enchanted, horrified and enraptured audiences all over with his gorgeous yet monolithic sounds.

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)) Drive West today

DWT’s improv-guitar acts as tour-guide in Australia’s vast open spaces; sound-tracking & sculpting, setting stories out in splayed layers of melodies. Musical cues are picked out of sepia-soaked memories and skilfully formed into gorgeous yet monolithic sounds.

Formerly known as boy Brightlulb, Joshua Santospirito has performed his unique and intuitive music to enchanted, horrified and enraptured audiences all over the country since 2005, and even as far abroad as Berlin in 2008.

Originally from Melbourne, Santospirito has spent much of his adult life scooting ‘round the deserts and cities of Australia in cars and pushbikes - the experiences from which he draws his musical inspiration. Having been largely nomadic he is now permanently based in Hobart from where he plans to make his regular forays across the Apple Isle and on to the mainland for concert tours in 2010. Plans are also underway for a series of three EPs to be issued by mid 2010.

Under the moniker of boy Brightlulb Santospirito has released three self-released albums. 2006’s Is this a desert? went on to make some impact despite having no formal distribution and minimal radio play, mostly on the strength of Santospirito’s dynamo live performances.

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Other stuff -
Gigography - all DWT's past concerts arranged on one page! oooh
Media written about DWT - reviews, mentions etc.
Video - Some live, some not.

If you would like a pdf version of this bio, promotional photos or any further information please feel free to e-mail the above address.

Sunday, August 10

the beginning

It has occurred to me today on the bicycle that the name "boy brightlulb" has reached it's end.

What has been an amicable relationship thus far has produced many fine motifs and musical chairs. From jigs to jumbled noise experiments, counterpoint to counterintuition, fugues to fusspots, it has been a long but beautiful growing process.


the world has become complex and complicated. What was whimsical and silly must now become EXTREMELY serious and overrated. I realised today that what began as "Stormboy" in 2003, moved through into adolescence as "boy Brightlulb" in 2005 to present, now has to become a MAN!!!

I'd like to ask that the media respects our mutual grieving processes in this difficult time.

Thank you for listening.

PS - I have no idea what this young man's name will be so please watch this space closely over the next month or so.

Russian Eagles Have Two Heads

There are mammoths ... huge woolly ones, flying over these hills of Northern Khovsgul. You'd want to be careful they don't do a huge woolly one on ya from the lofty heights. Perhaps when these bicycles have finally broken down and the oil has dried up in the last of the seas and the water has become steamed ... we'll have to relearn how to hunt the gazelles from the skies on the backs of these ruddy great galoots.

aren't they beautiful

I'm sure Georgia's on their mind

Wednesday, August 6

A northern country

here's some pictures that should explain why you should NOT follow suit and cycle around Mongolia ... unless you're a masochist ... Google told me I couldn't put up the pictures with the saddle sores.
spot the caption that goes with the image

a family who fed us ... fed us lots
a nice camp site
a camp site plagued by visitors
a burnt out riot scene in Ulaan Bataar
a broken down bus
a poser on a bicycle