Thursday, November 23


gigs in backwards order from most recent (or even future if they're coming up) to the distant past.
- May 5 - Moonah Arts Centre for Experimental Music Night with the Lords of Leisure and the Hobart Improvisation Collective.

- Feb 18 - MoMa market at MONA - Museum of Old and New Art, Hobart

- Feb 5 - Jackey's Marsh Forest Festival, Northern Tasmania

- Jan 26 - Invasion day playing the look-out building on Mount Wellington with the Hobart Improvisation Collective.

  • December 2 - Sydney - The Silent Hour XX
  • October 2 - Swamp Art Compostery - the Poobah Bazaar free entry.
  • September 30 - Inflight ARI - Sound Klub! Free entry

  • August 20 - Sound to Light - Hobart, with Christopher Downes details to be announced

  • June 25th - General Store Gallery, Woolloomooloo, as part of The Sound Hour

  • June 17th - Watch This Space gallery, Alice Springs as part of Mimi Leung's exhibition.

  • June 4th - Alice Springs - the playground near Spencer Hill!! Acousmatic ecology

  • April 1st - at the Grand Poobah supporting Enola Fall's "I am an aerial" CD launch

  • January 7th - the Hobart Improvisation Collective - 6a's last do. Long live 6a

  • January 6th at Quark Quark, Aloo Aloo part 3 - House concert in West Hobart with Silberhörnli


  • September - Quark Quark, Aloo Aloo.

  • July 4th Sunday at Quark Quark, Aloo Aloo part - house concert in West Hobart

  • June 4th Friday Hobart Brisbane Hotel at 6a Compilation CD launch with 'Hobart Improvisational Collective.

  • May 3rd Monday Alice Springs East-side - Goyder Lane Electric Ecology free concert 7pm

  • May 2nd Sunday Central Australia, Ross River at the Wide Open Space festival with J9 Stanton

  • March 13th Saturday Hobart at the Peacock Theatre, Hobart supporting ROIL

  • Feb 14th Sunday Florentine Valley with J9 Stanton, Cabaret festival

  • Jan 19th Tuesday Hobart ABC radio - live in studio and interview with Ryk Goddard

  • Jan 17th Sunday Hobart Mona Foma festival with Anthony Magen on visuals

  • Jan 13th Wednesday Hobart Mona Foma festival with Anthony Magen on visuals

  • Jan 12th Tuesday Hobart Mona Foma Festival workshop




  • December 30th, Sunday - Bar 303 ... The Great 303 Gig!!

  • November 13th, Tuesday - Bar Open @ the Make It Up Club, Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne.

  • November 10th, Saturday - Forepaw shop front, 275 High Street, Northcote, Melbourne.

  • November 9th, Friday - The Afterdark bargallery, 565 High Street, Northcote, Melbourne.

  • September 18th - J'Bird's place, Watch This Space, Alice Springs. Part of the Sounds Unusual Festival.

  • August 31st - I Can't Believe It's Not Art! Watch This Space Gallery, Alice Springs. Preview for of the Sounds Unusual Festival.

  • January 1st - New years day wind-down, Old South Road, Alice Springs NT


  • December 3rd - Live&LetDIY festival, West End, Brisbane, Qld.

  • June 3rd - Jamnesia @ the settlers cottage, Alice Springs NT


  • February 20th - the playhouse @ the Chocolate Factory, Chippendale, Sydney

Tuesday, November 21

Katherine Hot Springs.
photo - Robert Bayer

Come to Brisvegas for Live&LetDIY punk and zine fest ... I'll be there ... someone else'll be there ... it'll be grand-a-rama.

Since I lost the little doobywhatzit from the bottom of this blog that counts people moving in and out of my staked out section of the web I have even less faith that people read this blog ... not that I've been writing much lately ... my life has been fairly busy though I have not much to say.

Consequently ... I shall stop writing.

except to say that - we didn't pay the phone-bill for the landline ... so all you people who never called me ...
the vindication of your reprehensible neglection of me has finally been vindicated you reprehensible neglectors of me.

Friday, November 10


Hey folks … great news!

In January I reckon ... I'm getting married!!

to the gorgeous, sexy and wonderful Nadine!

But enough about that … that’s not what this spot’s for … call me for the goss. Or write me a letter.

Scooting ‘round the tracks of the desert even more these days … with the Mark Sheldon Central Australian Remote Mental Health Service …....... .............. .............. or the MSCARMHS for short.

* boy Brightlulb will be playing at the Live and Let DIY festival in Brisbane West End on the first weekend of December. This is a ... DIY culture fest with Zines and workshops and music and stuff ... came across a DIY artist called Matthew from South Australia who made an album -> called "Matthew Is Gay"

Matthew plays the cello like a demon ... I wonder if he is gay ...

Both his album and my album will be searching their way across the world in small and interesting ways.