Thursday, November 23


gigs in backwards order from most recent (or even future if they're coming up) to the distant past.
- May 5 - Moonah Arts Centre for Experimental Music Night with the Lords of Leisure and the Hobart Improvisation Collective.

- Feb 18 - MoMa market at MONA - Museum of Old and New Art, Hobart

- Feb 5 - Jackey's Marsh Forest Festival, Northern Tasmania

- Jan 26 - Invasion day playing the look-out building on Mount Wellington with the Hobart Improvisation Collective.

  • December 2 - Sydney - The Silent Hour XX
  • October 2 - Swamp Art Compostery - the Poobah Bazaar free entry.
  • September 30 - Inflight ARI - Sound Klub! Free entry

  • August 20 - Sound to Light - Hobart, with Christopher Downes details to be announced

  • June 25th - General Store Gallery, Woolloomooloo, as part of The Sound Hour

  • June 17th - Watch This Space gallery, Alice Springs as part of Mimi Leung's exhibition.

  • June 4th - Alice Springs - the playground near Spencer Hill!! Acousmatic ecology

  • April 1st - at the Grand Poobah supporting Enola Fall's "I am an aerial" CD launch

  • January 7th - the Hobart Improvisation Collective - 6a's last do. Long live 6a

  • January 6th at Quark Quark, Aloo Aloo part 3 - House concert in West Hobart with Silberhörnli


  • September - Quark Quark, Aloo Aloo.

  • July 4th Sunday at Quark Quark, Aloo Aloo part - house concert in West Hobart

  • June 4th Friday Hobart Brisbane Hotel at 6a Compilation CD launch with 'Hobart Improvisational Collective.

  • May 3rd Monday Alice Springs East-side - Goyder Lane Electric Ecology free concert 7pm

  • May 2nd Sunday Central Australia, Ross River at the Wide Open Space festival with J9 Stanton

  • March 13th Saturday Hobart at the Peacock Theatre, Hobart supporting ROIL

  • Feb 14th Sunday Florentine Valley with J9 Stanton, Cabaret festival

  • Jan 19th Tuesday Hobart ABC radio - live in studio and interview with Ryk Goddard

  • Jan 17th Sunday Hobart Mona Foma festival with Anthony Magen on visuals

  • Jan 13th Wednesday Hobart Mona Foma festival with Anthony Magen on visuals

  • Jan 12th Tuesday Hobart Mona Foma Festival workshop




  • December 30th, Sunday - Bar 303 ... The Great 303 Gig!!

  • November 13th, Tuesday - Bar Open @ the Make It Up Club, Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne.

  • November 10th, Saturday - Forepaw shop front, 275 High Street, Northcote, Melbourne.

  • November 9th, Friday - The Afterdark bargallery, 565 High Street, Northcote, Melbourne.

  • September 18th - J'Bird's place, Watch This Space, Alice Springs. Part of the Sounds Unusual Festival.

  • August 31st - I Can't Believe It's Not Art! Watch This Space Gallery, Alice Springs. Preview for of the Sounds Unusual Festival.

  • January 1st - New years day wind-down, Old South Road, Alice Springs NT


  • December 3rd - Live&LetDIY festival, West End, Brisbane, Qld.

  • June 3rd - Jamnesia @ the settlers cottage, Alice Springs NT


  • February 20th - the playhouse @ the Chocolate Factory, Chippendale, Sydney

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