Friday, October 23

Exciting news October!!

Very soon - new CD - being mastered right now as I type!!

a bold improvised instrumental interpretation of the lessons that were pounded into me about humankind, misery, happiness, life and death whilst wandering the Central deserts of Australia and things that have been ticking in my head since I walked back South-East with my tail 'tween my legs. More information on my myspace page and the Collossal Adjective in the coming month or so.

I shall also have a track ("Anthropology") featured on the upcoming New Weird Australia Vol. 3 in mid-November. You can download the entire volume for free from their website - NWA has been an exciting addition to the Australian music landscape this year, and for all folks interested in innovative contemporary Aussie music I guarantee it's worth checking out.

Wednesday, October 21

I hereby decline

I hereby decline to write anything of value in this space.

I have noticed many silly silly things in the last few days and I find them reprehensible in the majority of cases ... ethically reprehensible! In Launceston they have a park with monkeys in it. Lots of Japanes Macaques (which sounds French, not Japanese ... all historically-inclined zoology students leave educated comments at the bottom of the page as to why this may be the case) ... lots of them running around engaging in Racquel-Welch-Rompy-Pompy with their disgusting red buttocks flailing around enticing their male counterparts into primitive acts of "sex" ... I might addextremely fast primitive acts, they appear to be finished before you recognise what it is that they are up to ... quite strange ... do they enjoy themselves? Is it just something they feel compelled to do? Is it a cultural quirk? Is "culture" a word that is easily applied to Macaques sent to Northern Tasmania from Japan?

So many damn questions. I am at a loss.

I would like to mention also that my dear brother Daniel has skipped his Salsa class in Darwin so that he might engage in the heinous act of "KITE-SURFING" ... how disgustingly fit must he be?

I am now back in Hobart-town ... a place that some know as "the town of the cherubs", as lesser L.A. if you will. We have no such frivolities here. Our parks are those of good mother-England, our walls are those made from good old fashioned slavery. Our streets are paved with concrete ... and in this place I feel a beautiful sense of 'the predictable', 'the controlled' and 'the ... (finish this sentence)
incidentally - Last night I chucked the "stuck ferment" yeast into the pumpkin wine ... I also chucked some in my stuck ferment of the plum wine. I hope these two wines will join forces one day and create a super - Plumpkin wine.

Monday, October 19

Video of Drive West Today

Sydney - The Silent Hour XX December 2 2011

Hobart - Sept 30, 2011 as part of Sound Klub IV at Inflight Art's Transit Lounge

Hobart - August 2011 performance with Chris Downes at Sound to Light

Sydney - June 2011, at the Silent Hour

Other videos can be found at my Vimeo site

Tasmania - 2011 video to accompany Australian tour

Alice Springs May 2010 - Electric Ecology

Tasmania 2009

Brisbane - August 2008

Hobart - December 2008

Tuesday, October 13

where to from here

the surreal feeling appears to have disappeared ... what is left is an unusual sensation that I'm back to in the world of concrete decisions and that I'm much more in control ... hmm

how disappointing ...
or perhaps being in control is a 'thing' with a twist of "good"?

I'm unsure ...

perhaps I'll go and play a nice CD.