Thursday, December 21

antediluvian music

Plagued by the recurring idea that I am walking down the stairs towards a platform, number 19 ... I think ... the one that carries you to another platform. The soothing voice overhead gives it away ... it seems to be a big city ... must be a train station.

the rushing sound is interesting, large amounts of water I reckon.

I wonder when the flood will come ...

Flying dutchman


Thursday, December 14


Having just sojourned to Brisbane and the North Coast of NSW I have returned to the infernal inferno that is ... the CENTRE!!!!

Gig at Live&letDIY was amusing, I blew up some electrical lines and stuff ... got lost in Brisbane's oneway streets attempting to find an Allen's music store open on a Sunday (it was) in the name of buying a new transformer for me singed little pedal. Gig was short because I wasn't in the mood anymores ... and I had no real sense of time whilst in front of a half empty room and ... I don't know ... ask the Brissy punks what they reckoned.

My brother lives and manages the Permaforest Trust over near Nimbin/Uki area. So I got chauffered down there in the middle of the night and it RAINED like heavy metal falling from the sky.

There's a link to their website on the right-hand side of this page ... good bunch ... might have to spend a year there myself.
poor in money but rich in food.

I have a good recipe for corn bread which was pretty successful ...

dry ingredients
corn meal - 1 cup
spelt / wheat flour - 1.5 cups
salt - 1 teaspoon
bakin' soda/powder - 1 teaspoon

honey - 2 teaspoons

wet ingredient
egg - 1 of,
milk - 1.5 cups
butter - 45grammage

* mix the dry ingredients together
* melt honey and butter in pot then mix all the wets together
* mix them up all together in a lovely big pottage

* pour it into a buttered bread tin
*bake for 30-35 minutes ... longer if there's a roast in the oven with it.

*tip bread tin upside down and karate chop the bottom and
VOILA ... upside down corn bread.

I also met a psychopath who was riding from there through Wilcannia to Adelaide in an expected seven days ... nice bike ... psychopath.

hippies in drum circles give me the irrates.
But red daka bananas are pretty delish ... down with the cavendish!

Getting married sometime in Janvier.
Learning German.