Thursday, May 22

Farewell Beliner Mauer

hello Stalingrad...

tomorrow Nadine and I will leave fair, fair Berlin ... I had many conversations with Angels whilst here ... or at least, they listened to my thoughts when I sat in the library ... lazy bastards won´t even read a book for themselves.

Last night I played support for the Chap ... who were nice chaps ... and also Bleubird ...

see hear

I shall not really be contactable much for the next month or so ... I shall be in the depths of Siberia seeking out a cure for liverspots for the multinational drug company Johnston & Johnstons. They pay well ... but the job is dangerous.

and then after that I have a contract with a colonial anthropologist company to document the interesting habits of the Ruaki baki shalucky people of South Northern Mongolia ...

I shall be back in July I hope ... if all goes according to plan ... and it shall

farewell Berlin

it´s been real ...

Friday, May 9


Playing Fourtrack on stage at the Monkey Club in Prenzlauerberg in Berlin was much funtastisch.

It was muchly pleasur-ass to play with Tomi Simatupang the crazed and with Van Ly the precise.

Other people I have discovered on my travels to European places are as follows - Therese Aune: this girl I saw in a town called Bodoe, in the Arctic circle in Norway ... she will on day be famous ... her live show was fucken unreal ... and she´s only very much just getting started, she lives and plays in Oslo, Norway ... but you may see her in more places later on, just wait a little longer.

Oori - very intriguing percussionist who lives in Berlin, played with Robert Curgenven whilst I was here in Berlin.

Ingeborg Selnes - I hope she visits Australia one day ... she writes nice stuff.

Rockettothesky - whom I have mentioned before: has a new album possibly popping along ... it be sounding very much nice ... isn´t that nice ... perhaps those who don´t live in Norway might get more of a glimpse this album around.

Cold Mailman - an indie band also from Bodo, Norway gave me cause to stand up and take notice

Laura - a teen band also from Bodo (can you tell I saw a couple of concerts in this town) got my heart a-pounding when I saw them ... they sing in Norwegian ... which is most righteous ... one day I´ll get them to tour Oz ... where they can come face to face with their Melbourne name-sakes who keep taking their music off Lastfm ... and then they can all have a fist-fight and have a beer afterwards ... and then create the Laura superband!

rock on Laura!

Coming up
20. Mai 2008 Privatclub Pücklerstr.34. 10997 Berlin. Einlass: 20h Eintritt: 8-10€ amSTARt präsentiert: 21h BLEUBIRD one of the most positive yet bitter MCs. he'll sound as political as Noam Chomsky, as dirty as 2 Live Crew and as emotionally fragile as a young girl's diary entry. endemik bleubird. org myspace. com/bleubird 22h THE CHAP London Art Disko Rock..n Roll Band. Album "Mega Breakfast". VÖ: 19.5.08 Lo Recordings/Ghostly International myspace. com/thechap www. thechap. org + Überraschungsgast Alice Springs. www. myspace. com/boybrightlulb

photo of concert by Nadine Kessler