Monday, March 20

cyclone season

There's a huge cyclone off the coast of Queensland, he's called Larry.

There was one off the West Coast a while back too ... it was called Emma

My niece is a whirlwind.

"Remember son, all our problems come out of a clear blue sky"

Friday, March 10

Out Ilparpa Way

Gabby used to say that a lot ... usually when she didn't know where something was I think ... "Oh, I dunno, I think it's out Ilparpa way"

There's claypans out there which fill with water when the rain comes ... and dries and cracks when they don't ... the water turns all chocolate brown and makes rippled lines around your ankles, ankle deep in silky brown ripples.

out on the way to Honeymoon gap.

Thursday, March 9

the biggest town on the continent

So Sydney is real big and quite ... quite smelly ... and I didn't end up doing a gig there ... or Melbourne for that matter! ... looks like I'll have to unleash myself on the desert festival in Alice after all. Though in Melbourne I did see a band called Tarcutta which are worth a peek.

The website for the desert festival is on the front page of this webbo ... you should come, Alice is beyortifull in the middle of the year.

Blue mountains .... went there -> I can't believe I lived in Sydney for 14 months and didn't cotton onto that place ... it's bloody phenomenal. I could move there for a while.