Sunday, January 20

Stormboy - the child & the tractor (2003)

This album was made mostly in a house in Northcote in a shambles house with a shambles housemate ... who was really quite a top bloke but had some severe mental health issues.

This album was about the trail of water as it trickles down a small bubbling brook into a creek in the hills, joining a larger stream which becomes a river which flows down through the city of lights and out into the bay where the ships are and then into the sea. I only made 101 copies, all of which were given away for free. The poems that accompanied the music are somewhere on this blog but I can't remember where ... no, wait - I found it! go here!

tracklisting -

the child and the tractor (2003)
A creek near a farm 5:09
A kingfisher 0:14
The child and the tractor 4:10
A duck-billed platypus 0:58
Downstream to the sea 1:02
River through a town 10:43
This beach is too small to skirt the seas 2:10
The pelican and the boy 1:23
Driftwood and shell in a glass vase 1:38

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