Wednesday, June 2

June again

Well ... the sky turns darker earlier and earlier in the burn-up to the equinox. What one might think about when one comes to this time of year might tend to focus around the weather. I wonder about our conversation topics ... always about the weather. In days gone by ... that was probably the only topic of conversation. It's possibly just a modern thing - having other things to talk about ... in this specialist world that we westerners who read blogs ... and write them ... the world we live in. So artificial and ... perhaps a tad odd ... but I like it enough to keep on putting energy into it ... so that's all that matters I s'pose.

We're planning fruit-trees ... battling clay-filled soil ... cabbage caterpillars ... filling the roof with insulation ... not with the help of Peter Garrett of course ... a bit late for that.

I hope that I find you all well ... I turn 30 very soon.
Isn't that nice.

Might have a barbecue ... and then keep on drawing.