Monday, May 29

flies and tribulations

Full time work and study is hard ... to all those out there going through hardships ... I understand what you're going through and I salute you!
perhaps one day you'll get
to walk through the world
without being bothered by puny insects
oh the trials

a septet

Saturday, May 27


I have recently been lucky enough to come across Laurie Anderson's O Superman on her bleepin' awesome album Big Science.
_____hmm, an exquisite synthetic crossing of classical sonography and vocoderous wonder.

It has also recently come to my attention that friends and strangers have taken to actually reading what I write here ... this has come as quite a shock and it occurs to me that I need to review the current state of the literature contained herein. Perhaps a news column ... ?

current affairs ?

an "opinion" section ?

an editorial perhaps ?

perhaps an editorial about how that cartoon in Last Saturday's AUSTRALIAN about Indigenous men's drinking habits was damn outrageous

........... or is that "opinion" ?

photo on this page by Gabby Sprague

Thursday, May 25

A bit of a drive

I have a gig at Jamnesia on Sat the 3rd
not at the promised land ... don't know where yet ... it's a secret venue, secret from me too.

Alice Springs

then my parents come to visit

Then I'm headed up the Tanami for a couple of weeks with whoever decides to share petrol moolah with me ... I'm due for an adventure ...

off to see the Bunglers.

Sol Seppy is a damn fine thing ...

Friday, May 19

A horror story

The night was dark and stormy
The dunny light was dim
I heard a CRASH!
I heard a Splash!!

he's fallen in

It was in his best interests to serve the potatoes to the large Perentie lizard who hissed at his ankles ... he daren't not ... he better should!
But then he overcooked them and the Perentie ate his foot off in a trribily righteous disploy of rutribishuon ... and the whole seen degenerated into

the desert festival 2005, photo by Gabby Sprague

Zeena Parkins , Tecoma , Mick Turner.

Monday, May 1

is this a desert ?

A friend visited me not long after I moved to Alice Springs from Sydney. We bought a waterproof camera, one of them disposable ones.

There's a photo of me as I am slowly flying underwater, all is blue.

not ordinary blue ... that brilliant blue of chlorinated water. My goggles strapped to my skull making my eyes look bizarre.

Like I was in a large zero-gravity tanning salon under UV lights ... I s'pose I was really.

I saw that photo later and it seemed to me somehow surreal that I had moved to the middle of a dried up crisped up desert of a continent with nothing in it.

as time went on I bought a Beautiful Toyota Landcruiser named Emily and went on many an adventure ...

as time went by I learnt more about this continent ... it always seems that the more you know - the more realise you don't know.

Places and names sprung out of the deserts. It's not so empty as you'd think.

My mother hates the idea of desert. I keep telling her it's not a desert desert! There's trees and birds and grasses and rocks and mountain ranges and roads and people who speak many languages.

I read the newspapers ... mum sends clippings of the Age and whatnot. I occurred to me that it wasn't just mum who thinks there's nothing here ...

hell there's noone out there, why don't we dump some toxic shit in the ground . . . . . if it's over there where there's nothing around and noone to see ... it won't bother us over here on the east coast.

And since the territory ain't a state ... they ain't got the clout to put up a fight.