Saturday, September 27



I live in Hobart ... how strange.

click on the headline for a definition of Hobart.

photo Nadine Kessler - somewhere South of Forster ... near an overfull Lake.

Thursday, September 18

Consolador De Los Caras

My sister has her sixth baby due in about six-seven weeks ... I have been playing K'Nex with the other five children ... it's highly addictive. My good friend Brendan Phelan is disgusted that I have been staying on the North Shore of Sydney as he has horrifiable childhood memories of the area ... but I think his childhood would have been better if he'd had K'nex instead of Fischer Teknik ... or Lego for that matter ... poor Brendan.

Played in Sydney last night at Club Consolador at La Campana latin nite club - 53-55 Liverpool St: it's on every Wednesday as it has been for the last year or so: run by those charming Dualplover scallywags Lucas, Swerve and Shaun.

On stage I thought that it was probably the worst gig I have ever played ... but apparently it didn't sound that bad ... the curses of having no idea how it comes across to the audience. But there you go people -

Gig - Sunday in Melbourne at the Edinburgh
Am moving to Hobart on Tuesday.

pic - Nadine Kessler