Tuesday, March 13

Cover reviewed by Bec Paton of 2SER

Wow, I got reviewed!

... well, Nadine and my cover design got reviewed.

check it here -> Cyclic Defrost

In other news ... I appear to have changed jobs again ... so once again I can drive Landcruisers 'round the desert 'tween rocks and blocks of nothing!

whoopee ...

Of cyclic defrost #16
Melbourne will get its turn on Saturday April 14
at the Taylor Deupree (12k) live show
at Northcote Social Club, Supports are Solo Andata and Seaworthy.


I was a movie star in the 15/15 movie festival ... check it out in June, my team will have won so you'll know all about it from the tabloids.


Friday, March 2

Reviews & media stuff

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  • 2009 Series Two Records one track on compilation (Nebraska-based record label)

  • 2010 Mona Foma festival program downloadable.
  • 2010 review of MOFO concert series featuring Anthony Magen here

  • 2010 ABC link from interview by Siobhan Maiden 17th Jan 2010

It's all white

a challenge ... everything!

I have received my orders, I am to write on this topic. BUT IT'S SO DIFFICULT!! Because it's not all white, just as Elliot Perlman's Seven Degrees of Ambiguity hands it to us it's all bloody grey!

Christ, I live in the murder capital of Australia ... so named because people kill each other a lot here, due to the extremely high level of antisocial activity caused by decades of maltreatment in a whole plethora of levels which have coloured the world to such a level that one might think it had turned to a murky brown rather than anything else.

But no ... it's all white!
As first speaker for the affirmative (and I'm certain there will be further rebuttals and comments from the negative team in the comments section before too long) I aim to prove to you all once and for all that everything is not only tinged with pure calcium-white, but that it is all one big pure chunk of wallopingly pristine zinc-like opaque clarity that renders all other shades of life completely meaningless. No borders, no undulating shadow-filled valleys that darken the landscape ... it's just a purityrranical wedding-dress white from fingertip to fingertip, from top to toe.

For one thing, our sense of the world is completed coloured by our senses. In the realm of the metaphor, if it weren't for our senses we would perhaps perceive nothing at all ... what better representation would there be other than the white of these words ... no black background, merely nothingness, no taste or touch, smell, no sound, no pain, no pleasure ... how bloody boring ...

how bloody boring

I am so bored by the concept that I might have to stop now and open my jowls for a good old fashioned


ahh, that was good ... my lungs stretched open wide to give us all a nice taste of the world-in-white, which is really really really ALL THERE IS.

Thankfully, we evolved in a such a way that to further the species above the microscopically amoebricated level of ennui created for the gods or pieces of white dust floating in and out of space and time.

I'm not going so well so far ... I have no direction ... all I have to do is focus on the nothingness that is everything ... like the Nothing in the Neverending Story. All that is left of Fantastica is this particle of dust, said the childlike princess. I think they called it Fantasia in the movie ... but I thought Disney had dibs on that one. Stupid Hollywood producers ... YOU SEE! You see how easily we have deceived ourselves! We, have blinded ourselves from the nothingness to such an amazing degree that our minds flit from nothing to nothing in an instant, differentiating bullshit from bollocks to keep ourselves interested and sane ... if we noticed the Nothing then we'd probably cease to exist ... ^poof^ ... gone ... in a puff of white smoke which is indecipherable from the white 7eleven in New Orleans that got taken out by that non-existent white cyclone caused by the white butterfly flapping it's wings in whiter-than-white Adelaide town South of that blindingly sun-sticken white South Australian desert ...

Our minds have coloured the world all sorts of silly inconceivable colours. You may ask, how could our minds conceive of other colours that don't exist ... our minds that don't really exist either ...

the answer is simple ... I don't know. I don't have the imagination to stretch that far out of our nothingness to conceive of any palpable reason as to how we achieved this wonderful feat of passing time in the most boring of universes by entertaining ourselves with colour ... or the internet for that matter.

"Josh, over"