Monday, April 14


After successfully surviving Northern Italy (Milano traffic is pazzo) ... we have crossed the alps to be again safely in Allemagna ... I have once again confused Hoch Deutsch with Allemanisch and Swiss Dutsch ... and Italian ... and even some Swahili for good measure ...

Gigs in Berlin for May are as stands

May 6th Fourtrtack at the Monkey club in Mitte.

May 20th with Bluebird and the Chap at Privatclub in Kreuzberg.

I hope that you can come.

a little bit North of Milano is a nice place for driving exceptionally fast cars.
To get to Switzerland catch the Chiasso train to Como, say hi to George Clooney then catch the train to either Zurich or Basel (€60 per person). Once you arrive in Göschenen you have successfully survived the San Gottard tunnel of DEATH!

So, continue on to your destination and reqard yourself with
- 12 bravery points
- 2 pieces of Kinder chocolate
- one of Lindt
- fresh olives from Catania if there are some left.


Saturday, April 5

Radio show

Nadine and I are on the move yet again ... Sicilia is nice ... we discovered the garden of Eden in the middle of the Valle dei templi near Agrigento ... less tourists than we expected but we made the numbers up with the sheer size of our presence!!

Check this link - here.

over ...

Wednesday, April 2


stuff the north of Sicilia ... we've caught the train to Agrigento.

è bella città nel sud.

Perhaps a gig in Berlin in Mai-May (6th, 7th or 8th), at the Monkey Club ... will inform you Pronto!

x x x