Saturday, January 7

real world

Peter Gabriel is not someone who's music has gripped me ...

HOWEVER ...!! The dude bloody rocks, he started the world music label "Realworld" yonkeys dears ago and on his newer CDs he has a music program for doing your own music own your home computer - >>>

spread the love I say.

I other news, the heat is starting to get to me ... and I may need to return to the cities of the South East in late Feb, was thinking of doing a gig ... if anyone can suggest somewhere cozy (ie - Good Morning Captain-style on Johnston Street ... probably not much larger since I'll get nervous) to have a do that'd be great ... and if someone knows a decent Sydney venue that doesn't have pokies in the background that'd be cool ....

perhaps even someone's garage that they're not using.


Wednesday, January 4

the hot

it's hot season in central Oz ...

it is ... hot.

but it's no so bad you kno!

my housies left me to my own devices choosing rainy Melbourne and the North Coast NSW instead of stinky (and sweaty) Alice ... they took there dogs too so this huge red roo has parked himself outside my front door in the shade of the overhang. He's huge .... good thing the dogs aren't here or he might tear 'em apart.

no photos because I'm not on a computer with that kind of access ...

the Ross River Resort comes highly recommended ... they have a pool and birds that fly in in groups of ten to dip there bodies in the water mid-flight ... most righteous on a forty degree day ... most!