Friday, June 15


Contemplating a bit of a tour of music.
... Perhaps -

* Adelaide in late November/early December,
* then Melbourne somewhere
* then possibly Sydney

then I might have to nick off overseas for a tour of Europe and the odd Asian country. Maybe I could play Mumbai.

Can anyone suggest venues for any of the above cities ... I'd be most appreciative of all input since I haven't lived in major cities for so long that I don't really know what's happening and what's not.

the middle of the year brings flocks of people to the living room and wanting to borrow your car and expecting that you'll have holidays to be their guide throughout central Oz ...

oh well, I guess I'll just take some holidays and be their guide ... if you can't beat them - use a different club.

Jerome approaches from the East, down the Plenty Highway thrugh Boulia; Kershaw comes from the vast expanses of the Sydney wastelands ... Matthew flies from the hometown before fleeing to the other side of the planet of the apes.

and they're all vying for my floor and my attentions.

Sunday, June 10

Pumpkin seeds

Next time you eat a pumpkin, scrape out the seeds with a spoon ... get rid of the pumpkin pulp & gunk ... put it on a plate out in the sun (away from pesky birds and carnivorous plants and whatnot) ... let them dry out over a couple of hours and then, next time you're baking something in the oven, chuck 'em in a pan and whack 'em in for twenty minutes with a baste of soy sauce
... better than chips!
....... and cheaper than 'em!

* Pumpkin Seeds May Promote Prostate Health
* recipes

* Changing jobs is a sweet thing ... you should all quit your jobs.

* And buy this book - Dry it! You'll like it.

* Ah, those of you who happen to be in Alice Springs come to Araluen on the night of the 16th for the 15/15 festival.

* I'm a movie star. I'll be in the one called

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