Monday, April 27


Am here in Amata for the last time ... pity, the locals are highly amusing.

So I was playing last weekend at the Lane in Alice Springs when all of a sudden, across the mall at the Town & Country, a huge bloody fight breaks out between two or three guys ... I look at J9 and we rush to our instruments and start playing some chase-music just as the cop-cars come vrooming into the mall ... some chicks throw themselves into the fray and then get plucked back out and into the paddy-wagons and off to the watch-house. Charming wenches that they were. And still the band played on ... the atmosphere was electric. Come to the Lane Restaurant for a fine relaxing atmosphere, fine food, wine to boot and a good old fashioned fisticuff face-slamming.


See you at Wide Open Spaces
I'm on 1:30pm with J9 yet again.

Wednesday, April 22


I am sitting in the doctor's house in Fregon ... she's in Sydney - so she doesn't need to know about it at all.

She has internet connection which is nice.

It's funny trying to flap your way through cultural divide in mental health work. You're never quite certain whether what you see is what you're getting. Perhaps I'm getting bugger-all correct.

I wish the health-workers would turn up to work. They usually have a better idea about what people are talking about - partially because they come from the same culture ... and partially because they speak the same language.

But still, gotta say - playing with Anangu is kind of fun - they're a most interesting bunch of people. Highly dramatic. When they have an argument, they don't bother hiding it - in fact, they let the entire community know
... perhaps because in small communities you can't hide it

... or perhaps as an open invitation for anyone else to express their grievances
... a large group exercise to exorcise all negative feelings out of their souls and into the ether

... I don't know ... perhaps not.

There's a festival down the road from Alice in a couple of weeks -

Wide Open Space Festival

I'll be seeing ya there.

Tuesday, April 21


The Epic of Gilgamesh is an epic poem from ancient Mesopotamia and is among the earliest known works of fiction.

In this ancient saga Gilgamesh destroys the bull of heaven with the help of Enkidu - his wild part-stone mate who was created as his equal. There's this other character called Utnapishtim, another called Humbaba (a demon-orge protecting the cedar forests) and a grumpy love-goddess called Ishtar.

I only bring these names up because I know lots of people my age are having babies and I reckon there needs to be a new baby-name rennaissance from the old days.

over and out.

Thursday, April 2

AP lands

So I'm trundling around the North of South Australia ... tried to find the Surveyor General's corner today ... found some tinnies and a windmill ... nothing but scrub up around there ...Kalka, Pipayalatjara, Kanpi, Nyapari, Amata -> Lasseter, home.

Central Australia seems nice to me ... the buffel grass seems to feel at home here too. Horrible shit! Hope it burns in hell.

Have a gig on Tuesday in Alice - see you there ... I'm not even sure where that is.

Also will be playing at the "Wide Open Space" arts festival on the 2nd of May at the Ross River site. A bush doof music festival for Central Oz ... google it baby!! ooooh yeah.