Sunday, January 20

Is this a desert ? - boy Brightlulb (2006)

This one was a collection of music that I made over a couple of years ... it took me quite a while to formulate what this collection was really about. It was recorded mostly in Alice Springs, NT, where the music is mostly centred, after numerous adventure after adventure after adventure.

I had numerous concepts behind this album, things that i had been pushed into thinking about by the very nature of working in Central Australia ... things are not black and white out here. Some of my thoughts are in this blog entry if you're interested.

"This album gives the privileged feeling of having just been handed someone’s flights of fancy in the form of a personal travel journal—a gift to thumb through at leisure. Sonically, you’re taken on adventures through memory saturated landscapes and shown quirky thumbnail sketches of people encountered along the way. Visually, the piece is somewhat clumsily handmade, scrawled and dog-eared, which is just how such a personal offering should be presented." - Bec Paton (Cyclic Defrost magazine).

Is this a desert ? (2006)
1. Great northern Highway 2:06
2. creation of Gosse Bluff 3:25
3. King Sound (Buckle Head) 4:18
4. ships and smoke of Port Hedland 1:34
5. mice in me boots 1:54
6. Pareroultja 3:02
7. Dance Under Undoolya (redback stomp) 4:10
8. Where in buggery is Borroloola? 0:51
9. I swam past the inland sea 1:48
10. Road train (the truckie’s profession) & Poeppel cnr. 6:40
11. I walk long way tonight (the Summerland Way) 1:27
12. Zoe buses to Darwin 5:00

This hand-made cover was reviewed by Cyclic Defrost by Bec Paton ... (and the music got reviewed at another point by some other people). Check the reviews section for a few reviews of this album, also an interview with Matt Levinson about the time I spent in the remote areas of the world which led to this album. Flying underwater past the inland sea.

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