Tuesday, January 22

ah to be on the radio

Radio is the transmission of signals, by modulation of electromagnetic waves with frequencies below those of visible light.

isn't that interesting.

My friend is going to get her novel published ... isn't that even more interesting! Hooroy.

I'm going to be interviewed on my fave radio station in the world ... in Melbourne in March. RRR on the To and Fro show at some ungodly hour of the night ... come and listen at a radio near you.

Isn't that fabbo!!

Just got back from six days in Kintore and Haast's Bluff ... the mountains around the Western Desert country are truly spectacular.
There was some bad news whilst I was in Kintore. Some Walpiri folk with connections to the Pintupi people of Kintore were driving up that shithouse back-road from Sandy Blight junction from Kintore to Nyirripi and their car broke down. Two of them decided to walk, apparently towards a known non-permanent waterhole. Their bodies were found not far from the water-hole dead in the 40+ degree heat. The family member who stayed with the car survived.

Even bushies can die on back-roads.

The Mental Health First Aid Course has been very interesting indeed ... after a few goes (as presenter) you start to get good at pre-emtping the powerpoint slides ... though I get a little bit tired of how text-driven the damn thing is ... but everyone seems to quite like the course ... and I have lots of stories to tell people from experience ... as a mental health nurse you are a little bit like a historian or an anthropologist ... ah the stories ... they are sooo cool! Ask me sometime for a good story.


jenjen said...

mate you're a goldmine. i'd be nowhere without you and your fugues and confabulations.

does rrr podcast?

melaleuca said...

fugues and confabulations? What does that mean?