Saturday, June 7


bB plays Privatclub in Berlin - Mai, 2008


the train across Russia is like they say ... a very long boat trip with vodka, random card-games, lots of Russian people (strangely enough) ... lots of weird food ... overheated cabins ... and mad attempts to buy tickets for destinations at the last minute to uncollaborative ticket-ladies who basically told us to fuck off the second they heard us speak English ... and then a few grand saves by the wonderful Russian people who helped us battle these deadly foes.

I ... wouldn't recommend taking bicycles across Russia by train unless you can speak Russian, know who to bribe (read encourage), and enjoy bureaucracy at it's most 'interesting' level. But of course, if you fulfi all of this criteria then please - apply for a Russian VISA application invitation, hope that you receive a VISA, then follow the cues at the airport that explain how to then get registration ... the cues that only exist in your guidebook.

Russia is an interesting place ... and Russian really are very nice people once you get past the first five minutes of silence.

But, it's utterly astounding how friendly the Mongolian people are ... more later.

photo - Nadine Kessler, Irkutsk 2008