Thursday, July 27

water pistol

As I aimed and fired my newly acquired pistol
I felt and saw the water steam and broil

the vaporous mist
did swirl up and hiss
and our twinkling toes left the soil.

“meseemed a cloud enclosed us
lucid, dense,
solid, and smooth, like a diamond-stone
smote upon by the sun’s radiance.”

“And now I must go back:
See how the rays of light
through the thick smoke
grow brighter now?

The angel’s near
and I must leave
before he sees me.”
A cloud enclosed us.
- back –
down to the world
that we know

to buy things at your whim
leave knowledge of Angels
to those whom Angels know

And leave to yourself
earthly kind.

Monday, July 24

Sunday, July 23

ooh mount Sonder

I climbed a hill yesterday ... my thighs are dead tired.
From the top of that hill I could see a damn long way.

I could see Tnorala (Goose's Bluffing), Ikuntji (Haasta Bluffya), zealous Mount Zeil ... and a few other German sounding places ... The western Macs are a flavoursome place ... I met two birthday boys up there at 1374 metres above sea level.
if you could ever be bothered to walk ... HA! ... I mean climb Mt Sonder you'll find a book at the summit -> property of the Northern Territory government ... you write stuff in it when you get to the top ... not many people in Summer of course ... someone did a full moon walk up there ... in January.

Did I mention I saw the Bungles ... they have termite mounds that look like la Madre Maria ... they walk up the domes of Purnulu like a serene pilgrim mesmerised by the landscape surrounding the solid spiralled stone-bed of Picaninny Creek.

I bowed before one.

The trees are bent in Bow river.

Thursday, July 13


the water goes up and down in King Sound ... the crocs swim underneath at the Derby jetty ... but you can't see them ...

the water is chocolatey in a King tide brown ... the tourists snap away and eat Barra chips ... and birds nest in the hollows of the salt munched wood of the Derby Jetty.

Came back from the Kimberleys and it rained this morning ... three weeks elsewhere.

look up your atlases ... you won't see Jen ... she's in a dungeon in Norway ... you may see Pia, she's in paradise in Narooma ... Matt's in Poland, Beck is off to India ... Kat is off to the Simpson ... people are going paces and places.

I saw - the Bungle Bungles .... Mitchell Falls ... the sea at Kalumburu, a few waterfalls, Keep River and Gregory, Zebedee and a cool kid called Harry from Brisbane ... his mad mother and horror-film quoting brother.

I bought a new map but ... Pilbara ... maybe after I see some more desert

... morgen.

who is Brendan Phelan?