Sunday, July 23

ooh mount Sonder

I climbed a hill yesterday ... my thighs are dead tired.
From the top of that hill I could see a damn long way.

I could see Tnorala (Goose's Bluffing), Ikuntji (Haasta Bluffya), zealous Mount Zeil ... and a few other German sounding places ... The western Macs are a flavoursome place ... I met two birthday boys up there at 1374 metres above sea level.
if you could ever be bothered to walk ... HA! ... I mean climb Mt Sonder you'll find a book at the summit -> property of the Northern Territory government ... you write stuff in it when you get to the top ... not many people in Summer of course ... someone did a full moon walk up there ... in January.

Did I mention I saw the Bungles ... they have termite mounds that look like la Madre Maria ... they walk up the domes of Purnulu like a serene pilgrim mesmerised by the landscape surrounding the solid spiralled stone-bed of Picaninny Creek.

I bowed before one.

The trees are bent in Bow river.

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