Sunday, January 20

the balloon - boy Brightlulb (2004)

This cool little album was made by the boy but this time he was living in Sydney in a warehouse with numerous creative people around him ... who offered him no technical advice whatsoever.

I made the cover out of chinese paper bought from a shop in Sydney, Pitt St ... where the majority of this music was created. The artwork on this page was all from the conceptual material to do with "the balloon", as was the poetry of this page, which was taken partially from Dante.

the little boy reached out for the balloon and he lifted up and flew over the tops of the buildings that he longed to escape from, and it took him away.

The balloon (2004)
contrapunto mutevole 3:32
a bathtub near the Grampians 3:31
a cloud enclosed us 1:24
a balloon … 0:20
… rose past the chimneys 1:40
murder on the third floor (Dan’s floor) 1:50
the red sky 1:05
impatient Jah 3:32
horizont 1:16
Merri 2:14
Dante’s warning 2:20
faeries live here 2:04
brewery view 1:58
flying out the 3rd storey window 0:30
ban the whale 1:39
across the tin roof dunes 2:10
passionfruit on the fire escape 0:21


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melaleuca said...

Thankyou daisk5 for your intriguing and illuminating comments.

love from boy Brightlulb