Friday, October 7

Chinese Paper

Chinese paper is gorgeous ... there's a chinese shop on Pitt street not far from Central that everyone seems to walk past and, always, they seem to think - I should go in there one day ... but never set a foot in there ...

one day I did,

I can't remember the last time I went into a shop that I hadn't been in before ... Alice Springs is a large town ... but it's small as well.

I miss the anonymity of the city, so much to drown yourself in that you notice nothing and yet the smallest thing can become so exciting when it reveals itself between the largest of things.

A good friend of mine from Norway wants to know why I haven't written anything about her on this website ... I wouldn't know what to say other than the fact that she has owed me a coffee for a long time ... perhaps I'll end up in Melbourne at some point again to collect what is rightfully mine, then we can caff it up in a city spoiled for choice.


Anonymous said...

well josh, what can i say... after perusing your sight and esp this last posting i am truly inspired. you have so much tallent and you make me laugh... lots! hope you are well, i still have some pics to email you. sarah.

Jo said...

Hey Josh,

Well if you're even in sydney and need a place to bludge for a few days, or a place to stay you can stay at my place. Just bought a house. Well thats about it from me. Nothing new to add. Old news: still on the new grad program. I managed to sneak in 2 rotations down at theaters, one more to go on a cardiac step down ward. I'll most likely get back to theaters. Ward work is not my thing.

NB: I'll take payment of rent/charities in chemical form... joking :)

P.S. Did u email emily?