Sunday, October 30

Green and lizards

I got a postcard of green ... a nice deep green from halfway up the Queensland coast in a well-known rainforest. That's a colour I miss. Though the desert is green at the moment, but not that green, it's usually browned off a bit anyway.

The long-nosed water dragons are everywhere ... they are scooting around anywhere there's water and insects ... everywhere, that is ... they can give you a hell of a fright when their long whispery tails flick past you in the bushes ... bloody lizard.

I discovered a lovely spot by accident the other day ... literally by accident : - Some perenty decided to throw himself in the way of my landcruiser, Emily, the other day ... luckily we swerved and missed him, sending me over a beautiful red cliff-face with a wonderful view of the sunset, which I watched with rapture, and landed in a lovely permanent waterhole ... we swam in the beautifully cooling water until Emily and I had had enough and we dried off on the warm red rocks at the base of the gorgeous gorge ...

................. stupid lizard.

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