Thursday, October 13



rain is so ... wet.

it's p^%&ing down here at the moment and I'm stuck at work.
Usually when it rains here it only happens for about twenty minutes and the whole place has that glorious wet dirt smell ...

now it's been raining for about two hours ... I've never seen it rain for so long in Central Australia before (of course I've only been here for seven or eight months so what do I know).

If it rains for much longer, the river might flow ... I might be stuck on this side of the river ... have to curl up next to one of the patients for the night and stay here at the hospital ... bugger that - I'll have to tie a rope around my waist and tie the other end to the huge bull-bar of my four-wheel gorgeous hunk of white rain-glistened metal across the causeway. I'll have to rip my shirt off and scream like some human that's turning into a wolf

... just like in the movies

... oooooo. that sounds fun.

maybe I should do that

.... or I could just use the bridge further down.

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