Wednesday, September 15


Holy crap - it's been months since I wrote anything here!!

Heading back to central Aus in about a month for a three-week stint at the wonderful Nganampa Health which ought to be grand! Work on "A Long Weekend" is getting a lot smoother with me going through the whole thing and re-storyboarding the whole thing and getting a better flow throughout, streamlining visual concepts etc ... adapting an essay into graphic form is one of the more rewarding things I've done in years.

That nice lad Chris Downes dropped around to have a gander - which was great - it was actually nice to have a comic-maker in my house drinking my tea and giving me pointers. When i head back to central Oz I' dlike to show the man himself - Mr Craig San Roque (the author) where it's at ... I might even be confident enough to start on the actual comic pages.

A cracking film-clip from PVT.