Monday, October 29

My trip to Melbournetown

Oh it’s exciting … it rained in Alice Springs … I wasn’t in Alice Springs at the time of course … I was on the Queensland border at Lake Nash … surrounded by clouds the like of which I have not seen for at least ten nine months. Clouds that were definitely ready to drop their load, unleash their fury, drench us thus with lots and lots of wet water … but of course it did not rain. So … the event of the month … and I missed it.

Three words folks -> Bugger …

There’ll be more events in the coming month … I’ll not be having a gig in Melbourne in November I’ll be having THREE gigs in quick succession. Wow, how about that folks!

Here they are –

my trip to Melbournetown

Friday November the 9th – the afterdark with other troubadours whose names I know not.
Saturday November the 10th – Forepaw
Tuesday November the 13th – the Make It Up Club at Bar Open with the inimitable Robert Curgenven.

So it’s a simple scenario really lurgies and germs, if you’re going to Crowded House on the 9th come and see me on the 10th. Similarly if you’ve got those lucrative tickets to worship at the temple of Bill Callahan at the Northcote Social club you can come on the 10th and buy me a beer in apology for not attending my show on the 9th … can you get his autograph too? I’d appreciate that. I might even buy you a beer in gratitude. How about that folks … ON THE FLIPSIDE!!! If you are one of those miserable sods who can’t afford to go to yet-another-huge-band-that-broke-up-famously-and-now-have-irritatingly-reformed-despite-members-killing-themselves-off-in-the-meantime … especially those of you who have been trying to recover financially from catching a QANTAS plane to catch Crowded House’s final gig on the steps of our greatest architectural landmark back in the late 90’s … feel free to come and wallow at my free gig at the Afterdark … you can chat up sexy people at the bar in the ever-so-slight hope that they’ll shout you one.

Wednesday, October 3

Melbourne Times

I shall see you all in Melbourne-town come November.

I have a gig lined up at the Afterdark bar/gallery thingo on High Street Northcote, on the 9th of November if you'd love to catch up with me/buy me a beer, that would be very nice. If there's anywhere else that might need me to have a gig at you could suggest it to me and then catch up with me there too!!

perhaps I'll see you at one of the above!