Friday, March 7

I am Eurasia

I will be a little out of range for mobile reception in the next four months ... I have left the deserts of Central Oz ... and have landed at my parent's house in Melbourne ... it has been unusual, to say the least, to be in cold weather ... the climate change seems to have killed my circadian rhythms ... Nadine and I fall asleep at around 3pm ... wake up with our eyelids glued shut to the boney-thing surrounding the eye socketty-thing (anatomical nomenclature not this nurse's strong point).

I will be doing some reasearch into Lapplanders ... Buriats, Derzu Uzaly, Germans, peasant Italian-folk, Swiss folks, Nowegians, Russkis, Mongolians, Koreans ... a lot of culturally diverse peoples who have perhaps all ... at some point or other ... in some way or another ... been conquered by the all powerful Khan ... (well ... perhaps not Norway ... but perhaps they developed their postal service from Genghis's idea of relaying horses across large areas ... I'll get there, write a report in triplicate and let you know) ... in July.

I was on To and Fro the other night with Tim & Dave ... two lovely lads whose mothers must be very proud of. We had tea and scones and talked about the good times whilst Triple R listeners listened in and wished they were present in the studio. I must say I wish that they wouldn't listen in so much. They were even nice enough to rack up my APRA bill by playing three of my tracks from "Is this a desert?"

Incidently does anyone know anyone in Berlin who'd have me play at their venue? I seem to be having a touch of trouble getting to know people through e-mails ... I think the server in Germany must be down /// noone seems to answer ... perhaps unsolicited e-mails are considered junk ... who knows ... maybe they just don't like me and I need to c0me to grips with that ............ ................ ............. .

Saturday, March 1

This coming Tuesday!

Tuesday 4th - I will be playing at the Make It Up Club at the wonderful Bar Open on Brunswick Street from around 9.30pm.

Later that night you can tune to 102.7fm at midnight and hear me chatting to the To and Fro lads, aren't they just lovely.

& then on Saturday ... me 'n' Nadine are buggerising off overseas for four months, where I hope to organise a gig in that charming city of Berlin ... anyone have suggestions as to where? I've heard of Schokoladen but they haven't answered my e-mails. Besides, we won't be goin' nowhere if the Russian Consul don't give us our passports back.

see you in a few months.