Tuesday, May 18

Suvorov ... and random notes

some random notes from some months back ... some of this has been moved forward ... but an interesting rambling anyways.


- As initiated by living out in the desert for three years in Alice Springs as a base for exploring indigenous communities and landforms in the desert I have become interested in far-flung places. I have since moved to Hobart, a different place, a different way of life. Parked in the harbour of Hobart is the Aurora Australis and L'Astrolabe, pretending to be away on trips to the Southern Oceans. Always fascinated by the idea of Antarctica as a child I perked up my eyes at this - perhaps this new place shan't be too boring after all ... hmmm.

How could I engineer a trip to the Southern Oceans?

Geography series (work in progress, something to develop, future plans)

- Central Desert

- Album - Is this a desert? (2006)

- Comic - A Long Weekend.

- Ink art-works of Indigenous peoples.

- Writings.

- Antarctica

- Art/music concept, perhaps a concert series with other artists and musicians in response to works of particular Scientists.

- Co-opt Scientists into being part of art/writing/ part of the music etc.

- Islands ...

- Triguetra concert concept (Sicilia/Salina)

- Tasmania


All of them fall under similar umbrellas, or perhaps stem from the same thought-form. They all have links to psychology. Perhaps humans and the brain is truly just an extension of the world that we live in rather than a separate thing. It is formed locally, takes on local attributes, we think we are separate but we are deluded, we are merely atheistic molecules flowing around our designated parts of the globe having our software developed by "Mother Nurture" within the confines of Nature's hardware.

Electric Ecology - Goyder Lane concert number 2 from Joshua Santospirito on Vimeo.

Thursday, May 6

Electric Ecology under Stars

Here's a pic from 2nd of May in Alice Springs, Central Australia of the Goyder Lane concert. 'twas a smashing evening, not too cold, not too hot ... stars a-plenty in the sky above ... and no cars came through the small crowd who had gathered to watch DWT play a series of vaguely connected sci-fi meanderings on his borrowed electric.

Thanks for help setting up the awesome evening must go to Nadine, Hilary, Anneke, Lucas, Amy, and Leonardo - all for helping me make it happen ... when it so nearly didn't due to unforseen events.

I also had the chance to play at the second Wide Open Space festival with the wonderful J9 Stanton on the singing saw! The sound was challenging on the small stage but we soldiered on in fine form.

Whilst in Alice Springs I took the opportunity to catch up with the enigmatic Craig San Roque to discuss the "Long Weekend" comic project which I have been working on for over a year now. I showed him the layouts that I had done up to this this point and Nadine and I threw some thoughts out about where to go from here ... hmmm ... I have no idea. Though it has been interesting indeed to note that I have recently discovered that an old friend of mine from years previous has randomly come out of the woodwork and it seems that she has become a writer of comics since we last saw eachother ... how bizarre ... and now to pick her brains.

I am now back in Hobart with the weather cooling off again. Time to install the insulation we bought the other week ... and snuggle up for the long winter.


PS - I will see how the video recording of the Goyder Gig turned out and see if it's worthy of youtubing here on this blog.