Sunday, April 30

compact discotheques

2008 - soon to come: A shitload less understanding than what's required
by boy Brightlulb
a mini-album recorded in Melbourne over a few days ... track-listenings may include tracks by the name of
- the cranky story
- know your geometry
- the kardiya jump
- Anome
- Bind us together and lift us out of this pit

This album owes a lot to my experiences in Central Australia and my work with a few individuals in the area of remote mental health. Individuals such as Paul Hills, Craig San Roque, Marcus Tabart and Nazlin Remtulla with whom I worked on the Mark Sheldon Remote Mental Health Team in one of its more strange and unusual applications, that of the remote Aboriginal community setting.

Other individuals to whom I'm endebted to for the intensely educative process they put me through are Marjorie Lindner, Phyllis Gorey, Cecil "Crocodile" Johnston, Maisie Wayne, Marlene Nampitjimpa, Leon Petchkovsky and Frankie Ansell.

I hope to catch all you guys around some day.

2006 -
Is this a desert?
by boy Brightlulb
... ... ... ... ...

Nestling somewhere between the Dirty Three’s Mick Turner and the counterpoint of Steve Reich,
“Is this a desert?” seemingly melds into a seamless narrative of the landscape that Australians take for granted but most have never seen. It examines the way maps deceive our eyes, thinking there is nothing when there is so much, opens the listeners ears and eyes to the different countries that lie in the borders of this continent: the many formations, ranges and flats, the rainforests and the termite mounds of the Tanami deserts.
My dismay at the usage of political concepts such as the word “desert” or the idea that there is “nothing there” was the impetus behind this work.
It even has a lovingly handcrafted front cover made from some materials that I saved from the bins of printing companies (wasteful bastards! G'bless 'em).

available for $25 -
2004 -
the balloon
by boy Brightlulb
... ... ... ... ... ... these bits follow the story of the boy who lives in a huge city. he sits on the tin roof dunes of a three storey house and watches as a baloon floats past the chimneys of the brewery and out of sight. in his mind he grabs hold of the baloon and floats away from the bizarre landscape only to find more bizarre places.

available for $AUS10 + postage (in Australia this is only one dollar) ... (anywhere else in the world, send three extra Aussie dollars, just use a currency converter anywhere on the net for exchange rates).

if ya's want one, send me a money order (get one from the Post Office) and a return address and consider it postaled.

PO Box 1186,
Alice Springs, Northern Territory,
Australia. 0871

2003 - the child & the tractor by stormboy (limited edition)
(101 copies only) not available no more

This was a mini-project that was made about the waterways of Melbourne and around. Following water from the hills down creeks and trickles to the larger river Yarra past the town of lights to the bay, and out to the sea. It was made with a microphone, an acoustic guitar, fingers, and a looping machine in the front room of a decaying house in Northcote not far from Merri Creek.

Tuesday, April 25

night shift pt. II

I live on a hill ... 'snob hill' to some

.................. I'm not a snob of course . . . our neighbours are wealthy ... and share their wonderful views of the Macdonnells with us plebs. I carried an armchair up to the cliff that overlooks the top of Burke Street so that I can have a beer and a fag in the evenings and watch the light change slowly over the hill . . . sometimes I read a book

I read a bit of Bill Clinton's autobiography ... and as he delivered another ripping section about the 1997 budget ...

I thought to myself "I shall now put this book down and go play soccer with some mates"

I look back on my obscure decision with a sense of odd wonder . . . why would I put that book down at that particular point?

. . . perhaps it was for the best.

Tuesday, April 18

musical folk who are worth a shit

Clare Bowditch

Kate Grealy

Eva Popov

Souls on board


Art of fighting

the dirty three

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

there are always more ... I just forgot them momentarily
I always dreamed of Kimberleying ... something has always drawn me to Broome but my only significant attempt to ge there in my life thus far was a complete and abject failure ... of course that was a decade ago now and I should have another crack ... especially since I am halfway across the country now as it is.
I've recorded some music lately (which requires some stitching up before public broadcast) with dreams of places I need to be and memories of places I have been in the past ... from the East Coast to the West ... from the Highways of New South Wales to the Bungles and Boabs of the North West, I mentioned it before here. It's working title is Is this a desert ?
I'll see how it goes ... I have to bug Olivia Swan for the use of her computer this week or next week ... and then maybe see about making covers long after that.
I think that this group of tracks is getting closer to what I want to do with albums ... it's closer to a complete collection, as opposed to a disparate bunch of moments that only have the plastic they are printed on in common.
I recently met a girl too . . . don't know why that is relevant to this website ... but she seems to bew permeating my every moment ... so it's always relevant.
Of course ... now I remember why it was relevant ... she talks of dreaming of Tasmania and the South East . . . and my thoughts always drift North West . . .

Saturday, April 15


There's a new variety night in Alice - Jamnesia. Quite the entertaining event at Promised Land every two weeks ... puppet shows and music and kids and adults ...
Come. I'll be playing there in a month, keep you informed. Was thinking of putting on one of my movies and playing the soundtrack to it ... but I'll have to see since I have to get hold of a projector.

Some of the 15/15 movies from Alice Springs played at the last one which was most amusing.

I wonder where you end up

If you have a vague dream to go somewhere, you just do it and there you are.

But I have many vague dreams alla momento so which one do I end up in?