Tuesday, April 25

night shift pt. II

I live on a hill ... 'snob hill' to some

.................. I'm not a snob of course . . . our neighbours are wealthy ... and share their wonderful views of the Macdonnells with us plebs. I carried an armchair up to the cliff that overlooks the top of Burke Street so that I can have a beer and a fag in the evenings and watch the light change slowly over the hill . . . sometimes I read a book

I read a bit of Bill Clinton's autobiography ... and as he delivered another ripping section about the 1997 budget ...

I thought to myself "I shall now put this book down and go play soccer with some mates"

I look back on my obscure decision with a sense of odd wonder . . . why would I put that book down at that particular point?

. . . perhaps it was for the best.

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