Tuesday, April 18

musical folk who are worth a shit

Clare Bowditch

Kate Grealy

Eva Popov

Souls on board


Art of fighting

the dirty three

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

there are always more ... I just forgot them momentarily
I always dreamed of Kimberleying ... something has always drawn me to Broome but my only significant attempt to ge there in my life thus far was a complete and abject failure ... of course that was a decade ago now and I should have another crack ... especially since I am halfway across the country now as it is.
I've recorded some music lately (which requires some stitching up before public broadcast) with dreams of places I need to be and memories of places I have been in the past ... from the East Coast to the West ... from the Highways of New South Wales to the Bungles and Boabs of the North West, I mentioned it before here. It's working title is Is this a desert ?
I'll see how it goes ... I have to bug Olivia Swan for the use of her computer this week or next week ... and then maybe see about making covers long after that.
I think that this group of tracks is getting closer to what I want to do with albums ... it's closer to a complete collection, as opposed to a disparate bunch of moments that only have the plastic they are printed on in common.
I recently met a girl too . . . don't know why that is relevant to this website ... but she seems to bew permeating my every moment ... so it's always relevant.
Of course ... now I remember why it was relevant ... she talks of dreaming of Tasmania and the South East . . . and my thoughts always drift North West . . .

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