Friday, April 29

DWT Bio (2011)

)) Drive West Today

DWT is Joshua Santospirito, whose guitar has quickly become one of the most unpredictable instruments in the country: sometimes a weapon to be feared, at other times a scrumptious ear-tickling feather. Sitting somewhat uncomfortably somewhere between sound-art and jazz, Santospirito has been speaking with his own excitingly unique and ever-evolving tongue for many years now.

DWT has also been a collaborative project over the years, including musicians: Jnine Stanton (Alice Springs) and Nadine Kessler (as part of Silberhรถrnli from Hobart) as well as visual artists such as – Christopher Downes (Tasmania), Mimi Leung (Hong Kong), and Anthony Magen (as part of MONA FOMA 2010).

Formerly known as boy Brightlulb, DWT has performed to enchanted, horrified and enraptured audiences all over the country since 2005, and even as far abroad as Berlin in 2008 with another tour planned for Europe in the pipeline in 2012.

Originally from Melbourne, Santospirito has spent much of his adult life living in various deserts and cities of Australia but is now based permanently in Hobart, Tasmania from where he plans world domination.

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Tuesday, April 26

The Blues

At this stage I have nothing in particular to blog about other than the fact that over the last year or two I have rediscovered my love of watching the Carlton Blues kick the lily-white arses of other Australia rules football teams. This quiet little bogan enjoyment has been growing in me for a few reasons ... my brother who was living on the North Coast, but now lives in Albury watches at precisely the same time, as does my elderly father in Melbourne who has joined the modern world and has learned how to text.

We three sit at out respective TV sets in our three different locations on the Australian map. We three TEXT in awe and AMAZEMENT when little Jeffy Garlett moves his little lightning feet through another man's legs and pops out the other side with a little goal and slaps the little arse of little Eddie in a manly and heterosexual (?) fashion in excitement. We gasp by SMS when Judd does his quite-spectacular feats of balance and poise under inscrutable pressure!!

It has been many years since my dad had any excitement on the Carlton Blues front.

The goal goes in - the texting says *WAITE!*

Last week the Blues beat Sydney in Sydney. The first time in a long time. It was bloody wet and the Blues slogged it out and WON!!

I went to bed a happy gent, my wife laughing quietly at my excitement. 40 minutes later I received a text which woke me up, from dad - "Here we come" I smiled, imagining Dad walking around the big house I grew up in with a grin on his face, not wanting to go to bed.

40 minutes later I got another one - "Premiership here we come!" I had stopped smiling by this point because I was tired and that was the second time he'd woken me up.

Monday, April 25

The Acousmatic Tour - June/July

Drive West Today
beats around the bush in June / July 2011

- Alice Springs, Northern Territory
Saturday 4th of June, outdoors concert - FREE, on the East Side of Alice Springs underneath Spencer Hill near the Goss Street playground at Precisely 7pm. As part of my series of outdoor gigs that I have been doing in Alice, once a year, started in 2009!! Should be a CORKER this time - I have moved the 'venue' North of Goyder Lane ... all the way to the playground on Goss Street near Spencer Hill ... let's pray for no rain in the desert tonight.

Friday 17th of June at Watch This Space Artist Run Initiative as part of Mimi Leung's exhibition. This should be a cracker - Mimi has asked me to play in response to one of her paintings at the exhibit - I haven't chosen as of yet - but you should definitely check out her images at her site on the attached link.

- Sydney (Woolloomooloo), New South Wales
25th of June as part of The Sound Hour at The General Store. Another exciting gig at a slowly growing night in Sydney!!

- Hobart. Tasmania
July - tba
Back in my home again - stay tuned for gig details.

Zines & CDs available at all gigs.