Wednesday, January 9

Why why why

I've recorded enough stuff for a mini-album.

It has a running title ... it may end up being called

a shitload less understanding than is required

it may come next year ... and I may take it on a mini-tour of Europe (since I'm going there anyways). Berlin, Oslo ... perhaps Basle ... don't know anywhere else worth going ... do you?

There's some new photos on my flickr site in the photos section on the right-hand side of the screen that you're lookin at for some reason. The wedding photos have now moved further down the page ... how time flies ... ahhh.


photos from 30-12-07 at Bar303 (by Nadine Kessler)

Incidentally - has anyone heard Kieran Hebden and Steve Reid's music ... those guys are unreal ... totally unrealistic non-existentially unreal! I recommend for discerning listeners of out there. They got the sync going on!

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