Monday, January 7

a lack of shitloads of understanding

I have returned to Alice Springs in the hope that a cool change from the

Drove in two days from Melbourne ... a record. Gisborne to Glendambo.

Dad remembers when the road swang by Kingdoonya forty clicks to the West of Glendambo.

It's kind of funny talking to people in other parts of the world about Aboriginal people ... I don't think they understand that there is a possibility that they don't understand ... do you understand?

Incidentally I found out that I was played on RRR in Melbourne in December.
Later than that ... but in the same December, I played a gig in the front room at 303 which was good fun, got a little carried away though and played for about 2 + 1/2 hours .... and then I was joined onstage by an elder gentleman by the name of Nicholas who played a nice fiddle with my looping station.

The label that my mate Robert Curgenven is on has a new myspace page that should be investigated for all possible tourist activity.


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