Tuesday, March 13

Cover reviewed by Bec Paton of 2SER

Wow, I got reviewed!

... well, Nadine and my cover design got reviewed.

check it here -> Cyclic Defrost

In other news ... I appear to have changed jobs again ... so once again I can drive Landcruisers 'round the desert 'tween rocks and blocks of nothing!

whoopee ...

Of cyclic defrost #16
Melbourne will get its turn on Saturday April 14
at the Taylor Deupree (12k) live show
at Northcote Social Club, Supports are Solo Andata and Seaworthy.


I was a movie star in the 15/15 movie festival ... check it out in June, my team will have won so you'll know all about it from the tabloids.


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matt said...

thanks for sending me your record, i'm really enjoying it...