Wednesday, April 4

and another review

wow, I got another one ... I'm on fire ... or - I was on fire ... and I passed all of that fire to creating my fiery CD.

I had to create a "review" section on this blog to accomodate all of the millions of squillions of reviews that are just piling in ... not that that does much to the sales volume but it makes me feel a bit better about the annoyingly annoying level of work you have to put in to get your independent CD "out there". Just check on the side-bar to the right of these words ... see it there? it's the one that says "reviews" ... just click on that there ... very nice ... goodbye.

I fly to Finke today in a charter plane ... I shall make a little movie out the side of the desert ... I'll tell you ALL about it tomorrow.

can't wait!


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