Monday, April 30

I don’t know what to write sometimes. … what does one write so that others may read with interest.

I recall when I invented this site I thought to myself, people really do write a lot of trollops on the net don’t they!

ie - “Today, I was a teenager and I was misunderstood”

what a load of TROLLOPS!

( what a cool WORD! )

It makes one wonder about whether or not the whole bloggup thing is particularly about connecting with other people or just about venting your thoughts in the hope that someone understands you or … just about reading other people’s minds …

Some crazy people I know … (and work with) sometimes think that the radio is inserting thoughts into their head, or people are taking thoughts out

… this is called “Ideas of reference” … I have no idea what that refers to really … but that’s what Psycho-iatrists call it.
Others have this great idea that someone has put a chip in their head or neck that controls them or tracks them or whatever
… which is all fine until they try to get it out with a fuck-off big machete. Big messy procedure which invariably brings people to the attention of mental health services. It’d kind of suck to have a chip in your neck though wouldn’t it?

Other people feel that they are so


light that if

they don’t wear their


at all times they

… might

… just

… float
…….. away.

Now that would suck.

Wouldn’t it.

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