Monday, April 27


Am here in Amata for the last time ... pity, the locals are highly amusing.

So I was playing last weekend at the Lane in Alice Springs when all of a sudden, across the mall at the Town & Country, a huge bloody fight breaks out between two or three guys ... I look at J9 and we rush to our instruments and start playing some chase-music just as the cop-cars come vrooming into the mall ... some chicks throw themselves into the fray and then get plucked back out and into the paddy-wagons and off to the watch-house. Charming wenches that they were. And still the band played on ... the atmosphere was electric. Come to the Lane Restaurant for a fine relaxing atmosphere, fine food, wine to boot and a good old fashioned fisticuff face-slamming.


See you at Wide Open Spaces
I'm on 1:30pm with J9 yet again.

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