Thursday, June 4


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I have returned from the desert to the far South of Australia ... just in time for the Hobart winter. You may have noticed Hobart is on the edge of the world ... so's the weather ... but I'll become accustomed to it.

A minority of sufferers get minimal or no result from Botox injections and have to find other treatments. For some, Botox diminishes in its effectiveness after many years of use. An observed side effect in a minority of patients is ptosis or eyelid droop. Attempts to inject in locations that minimise ptosis can result in diminished ability to control spasms.

Stress management and support groups can help sufferers deal with the disease and prevent social isolation. WOOHOO! T'ank goodness.

On July the 10th Charles Du Cane shall be entering the Siren's ballroom for to make loverly music. He has akksed me too makes loverley mosaics with him toos.


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