Saturday, May 27


I have recently been lucky enough to come across Laurie Anderson's O Superman on her bleepin' awesome album Big Science.
_____hmm, an exquisite synthetic crossing of classical sonography and vocoderous wonder.

It has also recently come to my attention that friends and strangers have taken to actually reading what I write here ... this has come as quite a shock and it occurs to me that I need to review the current state of the literature contained herein. Perhaps a news column ... ?

current affairs ?

an "opinion" section ?

an editorial perhaps ?

perhaps an editorial about how that cartoon in Last Saturday's AUSTRALIAN about Indigenous men's drinking habits was damn outrageous

........... or is that "opinion" ?

photo on this page by Gabby Sprague

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singingwhale said...

of course i read your blog!

don't mind me, i won't interrupt. just keep writing.