Tuesday, November 21

Katherine Hot Springs.
photo - Robert Bayer

Come to Brisvegas for Live&LetDIY punk and zine fest ... I'll be there ... someone else'll be there ... it'll be grand-a-rama.

Since I lost the little doobywhatzit from the bottom of this blog that counts people moving in and out of my staked out section of the web I have even less faith that people read this blog ... not that I've been writing much lately ... my life has been fairly busy though I have not much to say.

Consequently ... I shall stop writing.

except to say that - we didn't pay the phone-bill for the landline ... so all you people who never called me ...
the vindication of your reprehensible neglection of me has finally been vindicated you reprehensible neglectors of me.


elsewhere said...

Another Alice blogger...well, that makes about four of us.

melaleuca said...

elsewhere? I have a link to you on this page ... who're the other two?

Kat said...

well shua... I guess I have been neglecting you a little, however being that I think you have been neglecting me too, let's call it even. Yes, I do occassionally read a little of your gossip... but I feel we have drifted somewhat... much like this comment. I'm back in melbourne in feb, if you didn't read my email, send me one sometime and tell me a little more of your life.