Monday, August 11

Lehmann Smith

This young gentleman was brought to my attention by Biddy Connor, violin extraordinaire from Melbourne who refused to play support for on some night. She recommended Lehmann Smith as he wanted to have more gigs. I checked his myspace but didn't listen very closely and thought - why not, I need more people to play.

Then i met him on the night, he seemed very young, clean faced, neat young bloke and I thought - well, there's a young, clean-faced etc etc. and then he got on stage with a gaggle of girls sitting at the front of the stage chattering away in between his songs. And I thought, what an odd performer. His lyrics and style of singing made me stop and think. hmm, Unusual. Which is refreshing to say the least.

Then he got progressively more plastered as the night went on.

but - my GOD his music was interesting.

also plays with Kes Band who are currently taking off in Melbourne and Australia ... 

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