Wednesday, August 27

Car parks always undo me ...

I just discovered Nick Huggins ... I haven't actually bought his album as of yet ... but I am homeless and without CD player so he will have to forgive me ... but his myspace page has three wicked songs on it which take me away. There's also a nice film-clip with a really cute little girl on it with big cute eyes - aww.

And here I was thinking that the only interesting thing coming out of Melbourne at the moment was Laura Jean ... HOW BEHIND MUST I BE?? Are there any other gems that I need to know about pronto, please let me know pronto. Though I note that there appears to be some nice interesting people associated with Nick at twobrightlakes, in particular I reccomend that you discover seagull, and Otouto for meloncholic songwrit.

So I was sitting in a carpark at the dreaded Byron Bay Woollies waiting for my brother to come back from somewhere else (wherever that may be that brothers go to) and I was sitting chatting to myself and this girl walks by who looks as though she's been at some humungous festival who looks at me talking to myself ... her expression said "that's a little weird".

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