Tuesday, August 26

Driving tractors

The child & the tractor was once what I called my brother ... but now he let me drive the tractor ... and it is a muchly a nice way to pass the afternoon, cutting grass to mulch on permacultural pastures in the hills.

Peak oil is possibly a reality - click on the link for your homework assignment - it may happen a hell of a lot sooner than you realise: do you remember how to chop wood for yourself?
burn your cds

I played Audiopollen on Sunday night in Brisbane's West End - they are a lovely bunch of eccentric young people who put on quite a nice show ... just down the road from rocking bars playing funk pop and blues there's a loading dock out the back of a vegan cafe that hosts a group of avant-bards. This would be the place to come if you feel a little nauseous at the thought of coming down to West End to be surrounded by the beautiful people.

PS - buy more CDs now ... or move to a warmer climate.

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