Sunday, August 10

the beginning

It has occurred to me today on the bicycle that the name "boy brightlulb" has reached it's end.

What has been an amicable relationship thus far has produced many fine motifs and musical chairs. From jigs to jumbled noise experiments, counterpoint to counterintuition, fugues to fusspots, it has been a long but beautiful growing process.


the world has become complex and complicated. What was whimsical and silly must now become EXTREMELY serious and overrated. I realised today that what began as "Stormboy" in 2003, moved through into adolescence as "boy Brightlulb" in 2005 to present, now has to become a MAN!!!

I'd like to ask that the media respects our mutual grieving processes in this difficult time.

Thank you for listening.

PS - I have no idea what this young man's name will be so please watch this space closely over the next month or so.

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