Monday, February 28

Using the work scanner is naughty

from Josh's blog - The Colossal Adjective

After my last blog about sticking things up on the web I took my sketchbook to work and had a look at the big thing they got there - it's an amazing thing called a photocopier/scanner/fax machine. It even has a function that staples large amounts of paperwork for you if you'd like.

This is a rough little comic I thought I'd make starring Juliette, my oldest niece who is a book-worm ... and RIGHTLY SO!! (Only because I was a bookworm at the same age).

I might make a second page for this sometime.

This other page ( lower down here ) was something I did on the same day ... after reading a favourite ol' book of mine that I'd like to do as a comic one day if someone else doesn't beat me to it ... actually that would be a blessing if someone else were to do it ... then I could get back to projects that I should really be doing - such as Australian comics. But this was just a sketch from my mind about what Gregory Syme looks like. He's the main protagonist in the surreal and wondrous adventure story of "The Man Who Was Thursday" which is a religious but ambiguous swords and chase adventure story set at the turn of the century ... which is BY FAR the best thing GK CHESTERTON wrote ... which is saying a lot since he wrote the whole Father Brown detective story series.

I wonder why no one seems to know Chesterton these days. He was very popular back in the day and for some unknown reason appears to have shrunk back to relative obscurity. But I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who enjoys philosophical farce and adventure.

When I say its got a religious core I certainly don't think that should scare off any of my secular friends ... Chesterton himself was a religious bloke but what he wrote is still amazingly beautiful and frankly SURREAL towards the end. It mostly weaves around London, which is of course a great setting for an old fashioned chase sequence.

I love a good chase sequence ... especially at night between two individuals.

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