Friday, February 25


I’m am labouring on my comic a lot lately. Have done about 47 pages of rough pencillings ... some of which are better than rough ... so YAY! I shall try and show it to people who are attending Camp Chugnut in Victoria in a few weeks which ought to be cracking ... since there’s some comic artists there who I reckon are awesome and may have a pointer or three for me - Jase Jarper, Jo Waite, Mandy Ord, Chris Downes, Bernard Caleo ... I met John Retallick the other night at a comic’s launch in Melbourne who chastised me for not being capable of putting up images on my blog ... I thought it had to be done by scanner ... but he scoffed at me that a camera image would suffice ... never occurred to me it would be that easy ... must find a camera now ... anyone own one?

Also spoke to Jen Breach whilst I was in Melbourne and have realised that I need to tighten the ending ... so perhaps it will be ever-so-slightly less than 100 pages. DAMN!!! I liked the idea of saying “Yeah, it’s over one hundred completed pages”

Now I’ll have to change that to - “Yeah it’s about one hundred pages” ... which sounds a touch weaker.

Can’t wait to comic it up in Victoria.

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